Radio Silence Weekend

Well my first weekend as one who blogs came and went…without a post. It’s prime writing time: no work, lots of adventures, great beers and adequate-sometimes-good food. So how is it that one can come to screw something like a free weekend of writing up? My reasons are fourfold.

Reason 1: Wedding Dress Shopping
Not for me, but for my older sister. While her year-long plus engagement with no date yet set is becoming very Jim-and-Pam-esque, we all still believe it will eventually happen one way or another (for better or worse right?). So might as well shop for a few hundred dollars worth of white fabric! Bridal shops definitely need to be overhauled to include an unlimited pizza and beer buffet while-u-shop. If you’re not the one shopping for a dress the process can get boring, so a slice and a brew or two would definitely satisfy the “what’s in it for me?” conundrum. If you’re the bride, you should just face the fact that you’re never going to be the size you think you should be on your wedding day so you might as well enjoy life and pack on a couple pounds courtesy of some cheese-covered carbs and a hoppy pint. Idea drawback: the inevitable establishment of a “You Sauce It, You Buy It” store policy.

Reason 2: Far-flung Bridal Shower
At this point, now in my late 20’s, I am surrounded by weddings and wedding-related activities. Three weddings this October means three bridal showers this month, the first of which took place this past Saturday. For the most part bridal showers of late have loosened up a lot compared to their predecessors (hey, most of the times the couple is already living in sin, so why not serve alcohol at the shower). However, I knew in advance that this particular shower was being held in a church, so no beer for me. It’s OK, we ended up having a lovely time, it’s just that the church happened to be 2 hours away and we got stuck in traffic the way out and a downpour the way back. Note to my future bride friends: A church may be free, but no booze will there be, and unless I really like thee, don’t expect to see me!

Reason 3: Excessive Wine Consumption
Following the 7-hour long shower excursion, Kiera (who also attended) and I decided to hit up Wegman’s for a DVD and some pre-cooked dinners. We opted for Cedar Rapids (and Source Code for myself for the next day). For dinner I got mozzarella sticks (and a meatball sub for myself for the next day) and Kiera got a kebab of some sort. Most of our dinner consisted of one big and one small bottle of white wine. Yadda yadda yadda, I don’t remember watching the rest of Cedar Rapids, I left a 40-second long voicemail for my pregnant friend in Vegas at 11:30 pm her time (do the math), and I didn’t set any alarm clocks. Oops.

Reason 4: Wine-induced Semi-coma
So I woke up at 2 pm on Sunday, which I actually didn’t mind. I was woken by thunder at some point early in the morning, which is when I decided that I did not need or want to move a muscle at any time in the near future. Luckily my dog knows how to sleep in too. I then proceeded to rewatch the end of Cedar Rapids, then watch Source Code, then watch Pan’s Labyrinth (the meatball sub was consumed at some point during all of that). Feeling bad for the dog, I took him to the dog park for a bit, only after returning the two movies not a moment too soon (Red Box was not going to get another $2 out of me dammit!). The night wrapped up with an overdose of Chinese food and a few hours of Bridezillas. Thus ended my spinster-like Sunday, complete with dog hair-covered sweatpants.

Now you can see why it is entirely unsurprising that I did not feel like writing a lick yesterday. While work was particularly excruciating today, I feel a little better this evening. Good enough to crack open an Old Chub Scotch Ale anyway (alternating with a cup of water as I am still incredibly dehydrated)!


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