St. Louis: Gateway to My Return to Blogging

I travel quite a bit for work, and I love getting the chance to see a city I've never been to before. I've been in St. Louis for 8 days, and I have to say, I'm not that jazzed about it. Author's note 2/16/17: Enjoy one of my "vintage" posts, from the time when I … Continue reading St. Louis: Gateway to My Return to Blogging


Countdown to GABF: 1 Week

Exactly 1 week from now, I will be emerging from the Friday night session of the Great American Beer Festival with a lone pretzel dangling from my necklace and a purse full of coasters and bottle cap magnets. To prep myself before I wreck myself, I thought of the top 10 things you should never … Continue reading Countdown to GABF: 1 Week

Hurricane Drinkin’ Part 1

This past weekend, the entire eastern seaboard was paralyzed in the face of that bitch Irene. In anticipation of this "worst-storm-to-ever-ever-ever-hit-the-northeast", railways and airports were shut down, groceries were hoarded, windows were boarded up, and beer was stockpiled. The rain was scheduled to start Saturday afternoon and the hurricane would hit south Jersey sometime in … Continue reading Hurricane Drinkin’ Part 1