Denial Isn’t Just an Avocado in Egypt

You’ve probably heard of the interview on Australia’s “60 Minutes” featuring an Australian millionaire (apparently, the family-assisted kind and not the self-made kind) admonishing millennials for their avocado toast habits, which are preventing them from becoming home-owners. If you just read that sentence, this sounds like the tone-deaf spewing of an out-of-touch elitist. And if … Continue reading Denial Isn’t Just an Avocado in Egypt


Frugality and Privilege

I plan to write a lot about frugal living, and after reading a great piece at This Tiny Blue House, I feel inspired, maybe obligated. to write a sort of disclaimer to attach to my frugality posts in perpetuity. I think many people are kind of tired of hearing about privilege (probably mostly people in … Continue reading Frugality and Privilege