Kids’ Consignment: January 2018 Haul

My favorite biannual sale came around this weekend! Described here in my intro to kids’ consignment sales, the grab bag clearance sale is a great opportunity to buy clothes at rock bottom prices. They structured the sale differently this year, turning a one-day zoo into a three-day slightly-less-mad madhouse. Friday was 70% off clearance, Saturday … Continue reading Kids’ Consignment: January 2018 Haul


3 Weird Little Ways to Save Money

There are plenty (like thousands) of blog posts out there on how to save money, and eventually, through no fault of the authors, they become repetitive. Cut your cable, make your own cleaning supplies, use coupons, buy second-hand. And then, if you look hard enough, you can find the out-there suggestions for saving money. Think … Continue reading 3 Weird Little Ways to Save Money

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Under $40 Finds (Women’s Clothing)

Every July, Nordstrom fans everywhere lose their minds a little bit when the Anniversary Sale comes around. What they (we? I guess it's a we) love about it is that it's not a sale on last season's stuff heading out the door, but a sale on the upcoming season's merchandise just as it's arriving in … Continue reading The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Under $40 Finds (Women’s Clothing)

Denial Isn’t Just an Avocado in Egypt

You’ve probably heard of the interview on Australia’s “60 Minutes” featuring an Australian millionaire (apparently, the family-assisted kind and not the self-made kind) admonishing millennials for their avocado toast habits, which are preventing them from becoming home-owners. If you just read that sentence, this sounds like the tone-deaf spewing of an out-of-touch elitist. And if … Continue reading Denial Isn’t Just an Avocado in Egypt