7 Good Reasons to Start Thrift Shopping

I love thrift store shopping. Well, “love” might not be the best word. Sometimes the clothes smell weird and touching old hats gives me the heebie jeebies. I guess I love the fruits of my thrift store shopping labor. That’s a more accurate statement. Some people will never set foot in a thrift store, and … Continue reading 7 Good Reasons to Start Thrift Shopping


Hurricane Drinkin’ Part 1

This past weekend, the entire eastern seaboard was paralyzed in the face of that bitch Irene. In anticipation of this "worst-storm-to-ever-ever-ever-hit-the-northeast", railways and airports were shut down, groceries were hoarded, windows were boarded up, and beer was stockpiled. The rain was scheduled to start Saturday afternoon and the hurricane would hit south Jersey sometime in … Continue reading Hurricane Drinkin’ Part 1