Thrift Shopping: Poppin’ Tags 101

I’ve been shopping at thrift stores since middle school, but only in my post-25 years (now approaching a decade gone by – eep!) did I really start to find my thrifting groove. It’s knowing when I’m in the right mood to commit to a thrift store trip, it’s a vibe I get when I’m in a … Continue reading Thrift Shopping: Poppin’ Tags 101


4 OK Reasons to Start Thrift Shopping

Unlike my 7 Good Reasons to Start Thrift Shopping, these next four reasons are just OK. They’re serviceable, just not strong enough to make the “Good Reasons” list, for one reason or another. Dress-up box This reason really only resonates if you have little kids, or maybe if you’re trying to start an off-off-Broadway one-woman … Continue reading 4 OK Reasons to Start Thrift Shopping

Hurricane Drinkin’ Part 1

This past weekend, the entire eastern seaboard was paralyzed in the face of that bitch Irene. In anticipation of this "worst-storm-to-ever-ever-ever-hit-the-northeast", railways and airports were shut down, groceries were hoarded, windows were boarded up, and beer was stockpiled. The rain was scheduled to start Saturday afternoon and the hurricane would hit south Jersey sometime in … Continue reading Hurricane Drinkin’ Part 1